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Hi Folks

Well the weekend is over and we are settling back to normal. We have had Lily this weekend and as usual she likes to do some baking, well it keeps her occupied.

She has a look through Eileen’s baking book and chooses her delight; the problem was that the buns that she wanted to make really required a mixer, now as we don’t carry such luxuries, some improvising was called for, and the makeshift food mixer was born…. See below

Makeshift food mixer

Works a treat

The decorating

The finished buns

We woke up this morning to about 2 inches of snow, I know “that’s nothing” I hear you say, well we are towards the West so until this morning, we have been spared. The canal however has been frozen for about a week so we are here for the foreseeable future; we have a full tank of water, almost full diesel, a roof full of wood and three bags of coal for overnight use only.

Jack was just like a kid this morning, skipping around, and now thinks my sole purpose in life is to throw snowballs into the field for him, he never brings one back.

Frozen solid

View from side hatch (foreground is the canal)


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